Monday, October 11, 2010

Ambassador of the Year

On September 29, the Columbia Chamber recognized Ed Sellers as Ambassador of the Year.  This award was in recognition of the incredible civic role that Ed and Blue Cross Blue Shield have played over the his tenure as CEO.  He retired from Blue Cross on August 1st, where he added 8000 jobs during his18 years as CEO.  As part of the presentation, four former Ambassadors talked about the need for a long sustained effort to achieve success.  Joel Smith talked about the challenges of creating a positive relationship with the University and the City of Columbia.  John Lumpkin talked about the knowledge economy and the need to sustain support for Innovista and the waterfront.  Lee Bussell talked about the decade long challenge to build a homeless shelter. 

In accepting the award, Ed said that it is a dangerous time.  Many people are angry at the economy and government and many individual and community actions will be threatened.  It is important to sustain these long term efforts. 

We are thrilled that Ed has maintained his own commitment by remaining as Chairman of New Carolina.

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