Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SCEDA Mid Year Meeting

Milliken CEO Joe Salley gave the luncheon speech at the SCEDA Mid Year Meeting on October 15.  He listed the various (all good) commitments of the gubnatorial candidates, but asked the question "What is our strategy?"  "What differentiates SC from other states?"  "What are our unique and valuable resources?"  "What role does the sense of place play in our overall strategy?"

Dr. Salley specifically mentioned Michael Porter and the cluster strategy.  This is not a complete strategy, but where there are robust clusters (Silicon Valley, for example), economic development takes care of itself.

He said that we need an overal  strategy that 1) addresses the above questions, and 2) outlasts the term of any one Governor.

I hope that whoever is elected Governor would ask Dr. Salley to play a role in crafting such a strategy. 

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